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Lord Solaris Appears!

Comic #8

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The ritual seems to have succeeded in summoning the Demon God of Slavery, Lord Solaris! ...sorta.

Uploaded by Jim at 05:00 on 16 July


New Comic, New Feature!

Gravatar Posted 05:00
Tue 13 July
by Jim

Well, we're back in business. With a new comic online, and the next one queued and ready for Friday, I figured it'd be a great time to unveil (or rather, connect) something I've been wanting to involve with this comic for a while. Lord Solaris has is own FormSpring page, and he's waiting anxiously to answer your questions! Feel free to head on over to to pick the Lord of Slavery's brain! (while you can, you're all aware, I'm sure, that it usually works the other way around)

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