Fellow Artists' Comics

My gracious host. His webcomic is what inspired me to release my own, and his generosity gave me the means :)

Titan Chapter
My buddy Rick's comic. Also hosted by Mark. A great sci-fi/fantasy story with furries.

One of my oldest and dearest friends. Her comic about a group of friends and their struggle with day to day life... and a crazy cat bent on world domination through mind control.

A Komikal Frenzy
My great friend Angie's webcomic. Stars one of my own characters, and is based on a vampire thief struggling with her personal demons in an attempt to be a hero.

I'm Blue
This comic is gold. It's about a gamer chick and her crazy life. Her friends are equally as awesome and her computer is sentient. Honestly, you have to go read it, I can't harness the awesomeness with words. She's also a flippin' ninja. Frickin' sweet, man.